When was it Great? …during the slavery era… the mass incarceration era… just wondering!

I try to focus on Africa in most of my musings and writings but I live in Los Angeles where they christen people like us ‘minorities’… so being closely affected by the political rhetoric going around as politicians fight to get into the white house is inevitable. I’m pretty much sold out to Bernie but as he didn’t make it as the primary candidate, I’m left to listen to the other camps.

I have also been told that those who can listen to the others have a wholesome view of things, a better way of sorting out differences… and that listening also creates a platform for mutual respect.

So today I chose to listen… I chose to listen to those who are giving their vote to Donald Trump. Of course this is in light of the fact that ‘ma main man’ Bernie didn’t make it. 

Boy oh boy… I really listened to these two ladies who believe America needs to be Great White again and Trump is the man for the job.

I forgot to mention that I am an African Christian…because I have come to learn that maybe …just maybe… christianity elsewhere (repub…oops!) is a little different from the one I know. (but that’s not important)

First off, I heard that Obama was the anti-christ (she went ahead and complained that he went through to become the first B.L.A.C.K president of USA T.W.I.C.E). I heard that it was all God’s plan for him to go through so that the Anti-christ would be revealed. That’s why it’s God’s plan for Donald Trump to go through. We have to trust GOD. 

Me wondering:

what were people thinking when they kicked God and prayer out of schools…what was the year again? 1962. THAT’S ANTI CHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

when Iraq was attacked under pretence reasons… THAT’S ANTICHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

mass incarcerations of the minorities in the USA. THAT’S ANTICHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

you carefully avert your face when a hungry homeless person asks you for help. THAT’S ANTICHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

racism, prejudice, xenophobia, genocide and hatred. THAT’S ANTI CHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

consumerism, greed and individualism. THAT’S ANTI CHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

you know he batters her and you keep quiet about it. THAT’S ANTICHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

quick to judge the single mother who’s a choir member. THAT’S ANTICHRIST IF YOU ASK ME.

I think many a time we focus on the wrong things… the fruit of love, joy, peace, self control, kindness, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness is what should embody all our relationships at work, home, school, streets, markets and anywhere else we interact with people. If we do not relate in love…that’s something else!

Wait a minute…why am I thinking about Obama and the antichrist…I thought this was all about convincing me about how great of a leader Donald Trump will be.


Secondly, Hillary is such a liar. 

Me thinking:

Show me a politician and I’ll show you a liar. Anyway, that’s sarcasm on my part but maybe many of Donald Trump’s supporters have never told a lie in their lives but I sure have …ain’t proud of it either.

Thirdly, Hillary is meno-pausal!

Me thinking:

oh puuuhhhhllleeeaaasssseeeeee! I just cannot!

Long story short…I listened but I believe they gave me no concrete or solid reasons as to why he should be the Commander -In-Chief. Nothing they had said made sense!

After Brexit, the world is awaiting the USA elections!

*chuckling to myself* P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S… AIN’T FUNNY! And I’m still feeling the Bern anyway!

I guess I should keep makin m’self some benjamins in the meantime… n’ chasing after the american dream! That sure makes sense!

10 thoughts on “P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S … AIN’T FUNNY!

  1. ‘Christianity’ here is just insane! It’s really the manifestation on being a Pharisee and anti-christian completely! I totally agree Britain and the USA are in competition of who can shit their pants more. For us “amaaso kulutimbe” 😐


  2. At least you focused on the UK leaving the EU. I haven’t seen many African Americans doing this as yet. Respect to the few that have as I see most African Americsns now as self interested.


      1. Very true. I wrote a blog on that as I think British people didn’t look at the economic, social or political implications. The British European thought they could just look at the immigration side of things.


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