Meet The Team

Mary Mirembe



Running this blog is my personal effort to change the narrative about Africa. Through this channel, I share my thoughts, opinions and experiences both in Africa and outside Africa from an African’s perspective.

I also have a passion for the community and will occasionally be found engaged in activities that benefit the community.

I wear many hats and my path in life has labelled me with titles such as a professional teacher, musician, social activitist and an entrepreneur!

I love people and I hope you do so too! Hit me up with an email! I’m never too busy to make new friends.

❤️Changing the narrative.Telling my African story❤️

Patsy Mugabi



I am a;


Spoken word poet.

Freelance blogger.

I am a lady of few words and many actions that will your ecstasy justified. I attribute all that I am to God, because all I lack in perfection, He makes up for in love.

❤️Changing the narrative.Telling my African story❤️

Brenda Naturinda

brenda oneafricangirl

I can make a back flip and paint the perfect picture in a single paragraph.

I am 1 Part blogger, 1 part loony friend, 2 parts geek and 3 parts big sister. I’m just an ordinary girl! Sometimes I’m lazy, I get bored, I get scared, I feel ignored (Yeah).  I feel happy, I get silly.

I choke on my own words. I make wishes, I have Dreams and I still want to believe anything can happen in this world, for an ordinary girl

❤️Changing the narrative.Telling my African story❤️

Eva Baaza

baaza oneafricangirl

I go by Eva but also commonly known as BAAZA. I am a socialist and strongly believe in SOCIAL JUSTICE for the environment and the oppressed in society. I am a public health specialist and development worker. I love to dance and to watch Sherlock Holmes

 Thanks for dropping by.

❤️Changing the narrative.Telling my African story❤️