28 ‘telltale clues’ that you’re living in a TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP!


A dictatorship is a form of government characterised by the absolute rule of one person or a very small group of people who hold all political power (Britannica Definition).  Dictatorships in the democratic era are seen as extremely dangerous and deadly because they tend to treat their citizens inhumanely with full blown cruelty. Dictators do not rise to power, they fight violently or steal their way to power.

Tyranny basically refers to exercising power in an oppressive and controlling way.

So, if you are not sure whether you’re living in a tyrannical dictatorship or not, here are some telltale clues:

  1. There are high levels of unexplained detentions and arrests of civilians

    colonel besigye under house arrest
    Uganda’s front runner opposition leader Col. Kizza Besigye under continued house arrest
  2. Enemies of the Executive political leader or president live and die in exile

    Patrick-Karegeya-found dead in a luxury SA hotel
    Lots of questions were raised when Rwanda’s Patrick Karegeya was found dead in a Luxury S.A hotel
  3. Censorship of the media and public information

    uganda journalists
    Journalists in Uganda demonstrate against suppression of their right to freedom of speech
  4. Unexplained disappearances of political and human rights activists

    christopher Aine
    Christopher Aine disappeared during the presidential campaigns in Uganda 2015
  5. You cannot speak freely against the reigning regime

    social media blocked
    Social media was shut down in Uganda during elections 2016
  6. Political parties are abolished and if they exist, they have queer names like Resisting Moral Progress (RMP), People’s Resistance Army (RPA)
  7. Suppression of investigators or whistleblowers who are sometimes are speaking up against injustice in the nation or voting irregularities 

    Suppression tools
  8. Unpunished (accepted) misuse of public funds by the ruling group or person corruption
  9. There are no independent bodies of the state in the executive, legislative or judiciary. All answer to the ruling dictator 

    Daily Guide Africa images
  10. Use of armed force and tear gas during peaceful demonstration are normal 

    Police clash with opposition supporters while dispersing a rally in Congo (photo: ARP)
  11. Massive rigging (vote fraud) during elections 

    Preticked balot papers discovered in Uganda
    Kabatsi (Uganda) holds up pre-ticked ballot papers, 2016 (photo:URN)
  12. Jury panels and the law is biased towards the reign of the dictator

    supreme court building of kenya.jpg
    Supreme court building in Kenya (Internet images)
  13. Militarisation of law enforcement

    Deployment of these trucks in Kampala before Presidential elections 2016
  14. Internal spying and surveillance of the civilians 

    boda bodas
    Opposition leaders in Uganda accuse government of using boda boda (bike) drives to spy on them
  15. Supporters or political employees of the regime are really paid well regardless of their lack of competence or skills set amidst general poverty in the population 
  16. Executive power or presidency is passed down to brothers or sons 

    Joseph Kabila took over from the father
  17. Increasing public ignorance of their civic duty and reluctance to perform their dutyIMG_0367
  18. Declaring ‘war on crime’ that becomes a war on civil liberties 

    Employees of The Daily Monitor in Uganda (Human Rights Watch images)
  19. Use of staged events to produce popular support for instance acts of terrorism and then blaming the opposition
  20. Increased dependency of people on the government. Everything is taken away or squandered and the masses live in poverty. In fact, dysfunction of the state is the bedrock for a dictatorship. 

    The late Mobutu Sese Seko thrived on dysfunction in the state of Congo
  21. Unnecessary and inexplicable roadblocks
  22. Presidential PR is mismanaged and engages in ‘playground’ chatter
  23. Class officials (small ruling group) live above the law
  24. Political leaders or presidents come into power through war or theft
  25. Illegal amendment of the constitution and constant lifting of the presidential limit terms
  26. When genocide starts to occur 

    burundi genocide
    Burundi genocide in one photo (AFP photos)
  27. Population is ignorant of their power in demanding fairness and justice
  28. Disregard of the youth population in executive positions of leadership

people dont know their power


Over to you now… get your checklist ready!



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