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Are they ‘too cool’ for you? I think not.

Have you ever taken time watch little kids on the playground? They are so sweet… so innocent… and if they want to be someone’s friend, all they usually do is ask to play with them. Boom! That’s all! They don’t over think it. Very straight forward and I’m here for it. Now why doesn’t this…

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Feeling excluded – much hurt!

So… a while back I sat at a table sharing a meal with two other people (one identifies as female and the other as male). As it usually does, the food weaved her magic and loosened our tongues … my table mates started to talk about American Football. I’m not sure why it’s called football…

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My Freeway Adventures – The ROCK.

It was probably a big stone… maybe not… probably a BIG rock, but it sure felt like a huge boulder when I drove over it. I will name it THE ROCK. I think I was going at 70mph… deep in thought… going over my bedtime prep… LISTEN – I am a grandma – staying awake…

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10 Dumbass things Americans say to Africans

No shade on anybody, but there’s a certain level of cultural ignorance I have experienced continuously since I started living in the US. My take in this post is mainly humorous (maybe more sarcasm than anything else), but Americans (blanket statement here – be easy on me) saying stuff like this can have a really…

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