28 incredible milestones you can reach as a millennial adult!

Sometimes, we compare ourselves to others who seem to be making it in life and end up getting discouraged if we are not achieving the same outward success that they are enjoying. However, as a millennial adult, there are countless incredible milestones you can reach that are worth celebrating and show that you are doing something right.

Here goes;

1.Live on your own. Move out of your parent’s house into your own apartment.

Have the key to your own place. (credits: picrevise.com)

2.Get financially literate. Understand basic terms like compounded interest or residual income or passive income.

3.Visit 5 other (African) countries. You’ll be amazed at how this can improve your outlook to life.

4.Go on a self discovery journey. Understand your weaknesses and strengths.

5.Take time to write down your vision and begin to work towards it.

6.Learn another (African) language besides your mother tongue.

7.Tour every major landmark in your country.

Victoria falls. Some major landmarks include nature’s amazing scenery. (credits: Abercrombie & Kent)

8.Invite your friends over and cook for them (from scratch not noodles!)

9.Take your parents out (it could be dinner, or a movie or a road trip to a park) and make sure you pay for it.

Kampala Serena Hotel. You can take your parents to a hotel for a meal. All expenses on you.

10.Learn a new skill.

11.Go back to school if that is what’s needed to propel your career forward.

12.Start a conversation with a stranger in a taxi or in a bus or in a ‘matatu’.

Most times people sitting this close will ignore each other, how about start a conversation with one of them? (credits: murobbs.muropaketti.com)

13.Give money to a worthy cause or to someone who needs it even you do not have a lot of it.

14.Buy your first car with your own money.

15.Open up a ‘rainy day’ savings account that you never withdraw from. In fact, you can have more than one savings account.

16.Make some investments. Buy shares in a public traded company or government bonds.

There are numerous opportunities to make investments as a millennial. (credits: imoney)

17.Volunteer for a community cause.

18.Turn your passion into a source of income or start a business.

19.Do something new or do something that has always terrified you.

20.Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Add daily exercise to your routine, lose weight or get into shape and eat healthy! (Control the effect of stress on your life.)

21.Pay the taxi fare for a couple of people in the taxi or the matatu.

A ‘matatu’ in Kenya (credits: stevenwrigley.com)

22.Tip that person who has served you generously. (it can be waiter or waitress or the pump attendant.)

A pump attendant in Ghana. (credit: internet images)

23.Find a job that actually makes you happy and it should not be only about the money.

24.Pay off all your debts and keep up with the bills.

25.Develop your own philosophy in life. Have your own reasoning and thoughts on different spheres of life like politics, economy, faith and so forth.

26.Read the constitution of your country.

27.Take a week’s supply of groceries to your parents’ or grandparents’ house.

28.Buy land and plan to build a house.

Building your own house is a great achievement. (credits: olive apartments)




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