Are they ‘too cool’ for you? I think not.

Have you ever taken time watch little kids on the playground? They are so sweet… so innocent… and if they want to be someone’s friend, all they usually do is ask to play with them. Boom! That’s all! They don’t over think it. Very straight forward and I’m here for it.

Images from typorama

Now why doesn’t this happen for us as adults? We ‘be’ watching cool people we wanna be friends with through peep-holes! Not daring to get any closer or even say ‘hello’.

Here goes…

One Friday, I decided to adopt this child-like wonder and innocence… There’s this person that radiates sweetness, awesomeness and real down to earth vibes. I walked up to him , asked for a hug and told him that I wanted to be his friend! To my astonishment… He was like, ‘oh yes! I want to be your friend too.’ He whooped out his phone and took down my digits. Just.Like.That.

We still friends to this day – ‘whatsapping‘ each other periodically to check in.

Moral of the story: don’t be scared of rejection. Even ‘cool looking’ people just might be in need of a friend. Shoot your shot!

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