Kindness Is A Vibe

Growing up, my mother always told us to be kind – it was sort of a mantra in our household. Now that I am older, and can look back in introspection, I believe she had cracked the code to humanity and wanted to pass it on to her children. This is especially important during this holiday season – the season for giving.

Kindness is vibe. ✨

Image from Typorama

The oxford languages dictionary defines kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. These are all descriptions that many of us look for in relationships — whether personal or professional.

Kindness is not easy to come by and I believe it’s because it takes great courage and strength to practice kindness in a world that might not be so kind to one. Kindness does not cost a lot and is therefore one of the cheapest forms of lifestyle anyone can adopt. There are so many ways to practice kindness with friends and with strangers which can include a simple hullo, a smile, a lovely text message, holding the door open for others, offering to carry heavy items, giving honest compliments, making donations or sharing a snack. Going out of your own way to make someone’s life simpler is the karma we all need. 🤗

Science researchers have data to prove that sharing with others rather than having a lot for oneself brings about immense peace and wellness. Kindness has also been named as one of the most important predictors of satisfaction and stability in partnerships.

I once worked in admissions at a private school where one of the qualities we looked for in the students was kindness. In fact many schools and colleges now emphasize kindness on applications for admission. Looks like in a world full of so much going on, kindness is a quality that is highly desired.

Make kindness a lifestyle.

Carry out random acts of kindness.


Kindness is a vibe


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