My Freeway Adventures – The ROCK.

The freeway (Typorama images)

It was probably a big stone… maybe not… probably a BIG rock, but it sure felt like a huge boulder when I drove over it. I will name it THE ROCK. I think I was going at 70mph… deep in thought… going over my bedtime prep… LISTEN – I am a grandma – staying awake after 9:00 p.m is not really my thing. So, here I am picturing my bed and how happy we would both be to see each other. Nothing beats a warm hug from those bed sheets!

Back story – I was pretty exhausted and giddy from having spent the evening gazing into flames with the soft waves beating against the sea shore. That beach bonfire and the friendly banter of those around me – come on now – LIFE WAS GOOD!

I couldn’t swerve left or right to dodge the rock so I found myself driving over it. Damn!!! 💥 That sound was deafening – I could have sworn it was a HUGE boulder. My heart sank! The rock literally cracked my front rim and shredded my hind tire. I had to slow down to drive off the freeway – all the while, cringing at the damage I was doing to my rims not counting the couple hundred dollars I would have to spend in repairs.

My poor hind tire

As I was looking for a safe spot to park my car, I started to think about the rock and how it ended up on the freeway. I was just about to CURSE the truck drive or whoever…. but then I decided to flip the coin. Hmmm… it ain’t easy flipping, but it’s worth it, eventually. Sometimes.

So I flipped anyway and looked for the positive in all this:

  • AAA showed up in 10 minutes to change my car tire. It probably took him 5 minutes to change the tire. I could be exaggerating but it really felt like 5 minutes.
  • I surprisingly had a spare tire in my car. Some Toyota Priuses do not.
  • I googled up a 24 hour car tire shop and there was one within a 2-mile radius. I drove over and was able to get a new tire.
  • All this time, my sister was on the phone talking to me. Bless her soul!
  • … And to crown it all, I was safe and sound!

Time check was 00:55

Moral of the story: All adventures do come to end as did this one with the THE ROCK. 👋🏾

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